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About Eft-return App

EFT Return App is an Amazing App for TTE of Indian Railways.It saves Time to Generate Reports of daily EFT Data-Sheets. These App Features developed to analyzes the all necessary requirements of TTE-Staff and made them is app so user-Friendly and easy to use.


About Our App

For the first time in India,EFT return app has been created for TTE, through this app you can easily make EFT return, which can be easily converted into Excel sheet. .

eFT returns App can currently be download on Google Play store for good speed and better service of the app, a strong server is required for which paid service is required, so in the coming time you are expected to charge a minimum charge of Rs 45 Please support us ..


Eft Return App Features

Eft App Feature is to designed according to ease and requirements of TTE routine sheet.This App is very easeful to use no need to know anything or skill about Excell-sheets and record Accountability our App is doing work smartly for you.

Smart Work

Smart Designed is stands for you can't put again and again any repeated fields input our app needs 1-time information only.

Responsive Design

Our App is made up of in Responsive Environment its advantage is App is adjust according to your smartphone screen .


Yes, Accountability is a main Feature of this app. No need to do more time-taking Calculations.Our app will do it for you.

Correction Feature

Our App is designed smartly for Calculations and error correction.it said that whenever on the creation of eft-sheet there some critical calculation mistake are happen during putting the information.but our app is focuses on that section if somewhere mistakes happen in the sheet.

Time Saving

Our App works fastly to Generate Eft-return datasheet, manages records, print in a hard copy, modificable and maintanability of the records.it saves a lot of Time and resources.

Save & Secure

Now These Days, Data is very important so this Feature is very important of this App. To maintain in a hard-copy is little tough but our app made a Soft copy of the record you can Print it whenver the need anywhere.

Amazing Features

Our App is made for Latest Android Os 4.2 and up with more secure and faster workability or easy to use.

User Friendly

Our App is work step by step with ease, just like to filling up a simple Form. No need to do make Excell-document or any extra softwares to create Eft-return sheet.

Fast Speed

Our App is working Ready to use with Latest Technology of Android Environment. It works Fast with maintain Consistency.


App is adjust itself according to Screen-size.No need to do any Extra settings and all.


App is Near-about taking space 8.8 mb. It can't eat a lot of Ram-memory in a background Os Environment.

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These Are the Our Premium Plans of Our App

Basic Plan

Free 1-Month

  • Always Open
  • Trial 1-Month & Ready to use
  • Available Support Team
  • Fast Access Speed
  • Updates & Notification
  • Coming soon in youtube Tutorial
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1-Month Premium plan

₹45 /-

  • Always Open
  • Ready to use
  • Support Team
  • Subscription 1-month use
  • Update & Notification
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Cause of Charge & Get In Touch

Cause of charge full form

  1. WT = without ticket
  2. WT in SL = without ticket in sleeper class
  3. Tsc = traveling in sleeper class
  4. THC in AC = traveling in higher class in ac
  5. II = In regular ticket
  6. WSF = With out super fast
  7. UBL = Un book luggage
  8. HHG = house holding goods
  9. Changing
  10. LTR = Littering

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